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Law Of Attraction – How To Use Affirmations

Law of Attraction – How To Use Affirmations

Affirmations are essential to a law of attraction program. Not only do they allow you to keep a clear focus upon your desire, they also serve to alter your inner mind and create a new belief.


To affirm means to declare what is already present. It is the same with creating and using affirmations to attract or to transform the things which we desire.

When you create an affirmation you are declaring to yourself and the universe that the desire is already created. As you continue to repeat these affirmations you are also holding your thoughts clearing with intense focus on the creation that you have made.

The Many Purposes of Affirmations

Affirmations serve many purposes when trying to manifest the things you want. Applying the law of attraction can be hard when you try diligently to maintain positive uplifting thoughts. It’s almost impossible to monitor your thoughts twenty four hours a day but when you create clear affirmations with details they become a great tool in controlling your thoughts and in turn influencing the law of attraction in your favor.

Here are three ways to use affirmations with your law of attraction practice to get great results.

1. The first step to using the affirmations is to become very clear about what you want.

In order to become clear you would need to write out all the details that you would like to see and experience in the thing that you want. The clearer you are about your intentions the more power you give to your affirmations.

2. Write a clear positive affirmation in the first person stating your desire as if it is already complete.

Never make statements such as, “ I wish I could be… or someday I can have or I don’t want to do…”

3. Move into the affirmation with feeling.

Feeling adds the power to your desires. Feelings generate an internal energy that allows your whole being to absorb your statement.

Create with Power and Faith

These three statements are the most effective statements when creating your affirmations. The affirmation must be created with power and faith in order to fully shift the law of attraction in your favor. You must absolutely omit any words that tie you to the thing which you do not want.

If you want to stop thinking in a negative way, it is best to state, “ I now think and feel in the most positive way. My thoughts are happy and positive every moment of the day.”

Many different techniques

Many people find it a bit hard to really create success with their affirmations and that is as a result of stuck emotional energetic patterns that are difficult to change. There are many incredible techniques that can shift those affirmations quite deeply. Without the mindless repetition they make the attraction process even easier and more effective.

How deeply are you willing to go to see the changes that you know are possible to have?


Writing Your Own Powerful Affirmations

A common question I see from people just beginning their personal development journey is, “How do I write effective affirmations?” 

Often they will go in search of existing affirmations that they can apply to their own situation, but they may or may not find something that works for them.

In my experience, it is much simpler to come up with our own personal affirmations because they’ll get right to the heart of the matter like nothing else can!


Alter Your Existing Beliefs

First, let’s explore the reasons for using affirmations so we can be clear about our objectives in writing them. An affirmation is most often used to help us think and feel more positive, empowered, and in control of a particular situation. On a deeper level, an affirmation is meant to ALTER OUR EXISTING BELIEFS.

Remember that our current circumstances are a direct result of our past thinking. In order to change our future experiences, we need to change our current thinking. You might find it helpful to first get clear about exactly what your current beliefs are.

Various aspects of life matters

Think about the various aspects of your life, like your career, financial status, relationships, health, and so on. As you think about these situations, ask yourself what beliefs they reveal. If you have a lot of financial struggles, your existing belief might be, “I don’t have enough money,” or “I can’t stop accumulating debt.” Because you believe these things, your outer circumstances have come together in such a way that supports your beliefs.

Affirmations can help us change our beliefs, if they are worded correctly.

Wording in present tense

The first thing to understand is the importance of wording affirmations in present tense. Notice the difference in feelings you get from saying, “I will eat healthful, nutritious foods and exercise each day”, or “I enjoy eating healthful, nutritious foods and exercising each day.” The second statement makes the affirmation part of your experience NOW, while the first keeps the reality off in some uncertain future period of time.

Okay, so wording affirmations in the present tense is important, but how can we tell which words will give us the result we desire? The clues lie in our existing circumstances and beliefs.


See the Positive in The Negative

If you are unhappy with the size or state of your body, you have been holding a belief that you are unhealthy, weak, unworthy, or lacking in beauty. In order to change your negative belief about your body, you must embrace a more positive belief. “I am healthy, strong, lean, and sexy” would be a good affirmation to begin changing this perception, but remember that it will first seem like you’re lying to yourself. Even though you are saying the words, you are not feeling the truth of such a statement.

Consistent repetition over time will begin to change that, but it’s important to keep up with the practice.


There are two times when you should recite your affirmations:

1) Whenever you notice a conflicting belief.

If you go shopping for clothes and you see an unpleasant image in the dressing room mirror and your mind begins its litany of negativity, “I’m so fat, oh my god, I can’t believe they let a beast like me walk around in public, I’m never going to be beautiful, I should just wear a tent for god’s sake!” — stop yourself, close your eyes and call up an image of yourself looking radiant, healthy, beautiful, and fit. Recite your affirmation (“I am healthy, strong, lean, and sexy”) with full faith that it is becoming your reality, moment by moment.

2) All the time. (Or as often as possible.)

Don’t just wait for negative beliefs to pop up so you can recite your affirmations, say them as often as you can remember! Write them down and stick them on your bathroom mirror, the dashboard of your car, the headboard on your bed, in your wallet, or any place where you are likely to see them frequently. The more repetition you can engage in, the more quickly you will begin to replace your old, limiting beliefs with empowering new ones.

Intense Belief

Finally, the MOST important part of affirmations is the intensity of belief you hold while you are reciting them. If you just say the words mechanically and dispassionately, guess what happens? You won’t be changing your existing beliefs because the whole time you’re reciting affirmations (no matter how great they are!), you will also have an inner voice saying, “Give me a break, who do you think you’re kidding?”

However, if you instead CHOOSE to believe your new affirmations with full faith and conviction, you will challenge the validity of your existing beliefs.

No space for opposition

Two opposing beliefs cannot co-exist in your mind at the same time. It HAS to be one or the other. This is a good thing because it means that the more you shift your confidence in your new beliefs, your old beliefs will fade away and eventually cease to exist. When that happens, your physical circumstances will shift and change in order to support your new beliefs.


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Yes indeed, affirmations can make a HUGE difference in anyone’s life…I know they do in mine. Great summation and reminder, Thanks so much for sharing.

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